Random Blurbs by Earl Buenaobra
[LATE NIGHT BLOG] A Little Self Reflection…

The hustle NEVER stops. Especially in this career…The moment you stop, you disappear. I HAVE TO KEEP IT POSITIVE, MEANINGFUL, AND MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Sometimes, I wonder if choosing to become a photographer/artist was the right choice. But each day that I hustle, try to make things happen, and shoot just for the sake of shooting…my heart tells me that THIS IS MY CALLING.

The road to greatness isn’t easy and it doesn’t END at all actually. Just when you think you’re on top of the world and you think you got it made, another journey/challenge presents itself that you and you alone must triumph over. Your family, friends, mentors, teachers, the other artist(s) that inspire and influence you and your style, and even your haters and enemies are all there to support and challenge you to achieve that higher level of success that you desire. Ultimately, it’s on your shoulders.

The last few months have been a crazy, stressful, but at the same time REWARDING time for me as a photographer. I’ve learned so much about myself, what I can and can’t do, what I WANT and LOVE to shoot, and so much more. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with a TON of different people/clients, each presenting a different challenge for me to take on. I’ve spent countless hours and sleepless nights in front of my computer working on photos, trying new processes out, failing, trying another way, failing, trying something totally different, still failing, and after about what seems like eternity, I finally nail what I was trying to go for. I read and studied articles and images that I love while the sun rises at dawn. I’ve shot thousands of images on a shoot only to keep one or two for my portfolio. It’s a tough journey, and it’s only gonna get tougher.

Recently, I’ve also had the CRAZY opportunity (that I thought would NEVER happen in my life! Such a blessing.) to assist, shoot alongside, and LEARN from the photographer who I look up to the most and that’s had the most influence on MY style as a photographer/hustler. So, so GRATEFUL and BLESSED to have been given that opportunity to be learning and working amongst another fellow photographer, motivated hustler, and great friend of mine. He’s continuing to do his thing, constantly growing and evolving and doesn’t show signs of slowing down at all. Mad inspiring. (jatecson.com)

As I go into this month of August, I’ll take these little nuggets of knowledge and lessons from past experiences and embark on the next leg of my journey as a photographer and artist. I’m not gonna hope I’m ready, I KNOW I’M READY. As long as I keep it positive, keep it moving forward, and stay motivated, I’ll be where I want to be in this world. This isn’t just a hobby for me like it was two years ago when I first picked up the camera. It’s becoming a way of life. I fell in love with the art. My “job” is my lifestyle, and my lifestyle is my “job”.

Here I come, August 2012!